“Managed Deferred Annuities: Enhancing Your Retirement Portfolio”

Rearranging your financial savings can be a good retirement strategy.

How confident are you that the retirement profile you have chosen will provide you with the financial protection you need?

Financial obstacles are more difficult to overcome for those preparing for retirement than ever before. The volatility of the market, the rising cost of health care, the uncertainty about the future viability and the possibility that Social Security benefits will be exhausted have many questioning their financial well-being. Many people are managing the genuine possibility of outlasting their assets.

As an example, consider a couple who are nearing retirement. Both participate in the 401(k) plans of their respective companies and also have non-qualified retirement savings in bank CDs or community bonds. Due to the fact that stock exchange trading has actually increased, they are transferring more of their assets into conventional financial investments and also financial savings vehicles each year. Although this method minimizes the danger of losing cash, they are worried that they may not have enough saved to retire as they originally planned.

A repaired delayed annuity can be used to add design to their financial profile. This is another way of saving money.

S Safety-The cost is protected from market fluctuations and is backed up by the confidence as well credit score of the releasing company.

Tax deferment – Rate of interest increases tax-deferred. This means that no taxes are paid until the cash is taken. Customers could benefit from “three-way accumulating” where the principal gains interest, the interest rate gains interest and also the money that would have otherwise been invested in taxes gains interest.

Y Refund- The acquisition settlements will be guaranteed to receive a minimum return price for a specified period in addition to a guaranteed collection price for the duration of the agreement.

Liquidity – Customers can access their funds and may be able to avoid early withdrawal fees in certain circumstances specified in their plan. Customers can also choose to annuitize their agreement upon maturity, ensuring a lifetime income.

E estate preparation-In most cases, the annuity survivor benefits are paid directly to the recipients, avoiding the cost and delay of probate.

By rearranging part of their retirement savings, the couple in our example can take additional steps towards financial protection. They could proactively address issues about having enough cash to live comfortably in retirement life and also help alleviate problems concerning outlasting their retired financial savings.

Annuities, while normally sold by life insurance coverage firms, are not insurance policies and do not provide life insurance protection. These are not savings certificates or accounts that pay interest. They should not be purchased to achieve temporary goals.

Tax-free building up is not the same as tax-deferred building up. Annuities are exempt from taxation under current government regulations. While the cash remains in the annuity, you pay no tax on the interest rate.

The Cincinnati Life Insurance Policy Business, its agents or associates do not make tax or legal recommendations. Consult your tax consultant or attorney regarding your specific scenario.