“USDOT Clearinghouse Deadline Set for January 6th”

New guidelines for companies that hire CDL drivers will be effective January 6, 2020.

Businesses that employ industrial vehicle drivers should be preparing for a new government law to go into effect in January. The United States Department of Transport has created a Federal Alcohol And Drug Clearinghouse, a database that tracks industrial drivers who have tested positive for alcohol or banned drugs or have refused to take an examination.

This information should be requested from the previous company via a letter, email or phone call. This can take a long time and produce irregular results.

Companies should begin requesting information on new hires from the Clearinghouse as of January 6, 2020. Only infractions occurring after January 6, 2020 will be included in the database. The Clearinghouse will not be able to collect infraction information until it has been in operation for three years.

The Clearinghouse will keep records of infractions to the alcohol and drug program for five years, or until the driver has completed the return-to duty procedure.

The Clearinghouse is designed to improve freeway safety by:

Companies can now easily fulfill their reporting and pre-employment test obligations.
It is now harder for drivers to conceal their infractions of the alcohol and drug program from potential or existing employers
Offering roadside inspectors and also other enforcement personnel with ways to ensure that drivers receive needed evaluation as well therapy before doing safety-sensitive functions, such as driving an organisation car
It will be easier for the Federal Electric Motor Provider Security Management (FEMS) to determine company compliance with screening, examination and coverage requirements.
What do businesses require of you?

The 4th quarter 2019 is not a time to be lagging behind.

Enrollment is now open for the new data source
Register as a service provider of electric motors to the Clearinghouse
Train the appropriate workers on how to handle questions, obtain consent from motorists and also retain documents. Also teach them what to do in case of an offense.
Companies should also discuss with drivers the civil liberties and obligations that they have under this program. The driver should give written authorization to a prospective company in order for them to have access to their information.

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